This Moment

A direct call, a response to everything that has happened so far and a response to all that is to come with this administration, to document This Moment in our history.

Political power starts with our voice.

This Moment is a self-narrative project that asks us to be present, if for only a few minutes in our lives, to the events around us. The purpose is to become conscious of our experience in relation to what has happened throughout this political season and since this administration came into power. My intention is to feature these moments as a collection of our voices and as a document of our response to this political climate. | Contribute



Life has varied players and varied experiences. If we want change – good change that makes positive progress – then we must work to create and establish new narratives that reframe those that serve to displace or limit the voices of those who are different.

Value is a form of power that establishes meaning and shapes influence.

The idea that I am taking with The Black Lion Journal is that of reframing and reinterpretation. #ShiftYourPerspective means not just switching points of view in hopes to create empathy; it’s about understanding the power of value. | #ShiftYourPerspective


Digital Museum

“We Believe In Culture, History, & In The Lived Experience

We Believe In Diversity & Inclusivity

We Believe In Sharing Voices Of Marginalized & Oppressed Individuals

We Believe In Reinterpreting Traditional Molds Of Authenticity & Legitimacy

We Believe In Honoring Underrepresented & Differing World Views

We Believe In Recognizing Underrepresented & Differing Truths & Realities

We Believe In Creating A Standard Of Journal Ethics”

TBL Journal’s Credo

I want The Black Lion Journal to show a strong respect for the written word, for past histories, and for different cultures and art. For this reason, I have opened a Digital Museum that serves as a space that supports the Journal’s Credo and that offers opportunity to showcase inspirational and talented individuals. | Digital Museum