‘Conversations With’ Series Photo Manipulation | #Photography #Art

‘Conversations With’ Series Photo Manipulation | #Photography #Art

‘Conversations With’ is a series review on PEN America’s ‘State of Emergency’ commissioned art project that seeks voices from artists whose art has been a reflection of the current political climate.

First Interview Of 2017 With Photographer, Community Member, & Mentor, Thaddeus Miles

2017 started off with a wonderful start for the Black Lion Journal. I had the honor to interview Mr. Thaddeus Miles, creator of Faces: Up Close & Personal, on community, My Brother’s Keeper, and on what photography means to him. He is extremely knowledgeable about youth programs, being the leader of many at his job. Take a look at the interview to know more about this inspirational person.

The Wire’s Dream Magazine

I’m beyond excited to reveal the first ever publication by the Black Lion. The inaugural edition of The Wire’s Dream is now in a minimalist-styled magazine layout — as it was always intended to be. This is something that I couldn’t have done if it wasn’t for the three inaugural artists: Sissh, Romany, and Ellis. Their work, featured first on this Journal, is now up for viewing.

Submissions | Now Accepting Creative Work For The Wire’s Dream | TBL Journal

I believe that creativity will be the glue that binds us together and all of our beautiful differences. For this reason, I’m proud to say that The Wire’s Dream, released yesterday as the Journal’s first ever magazine publication, will uphold strong values for representation — it’s a direct extension of the Journal’s values and mission. | Now Accepting Creative Work For The Wire’s Dream