‘Conversations With’ Series Photo Manipulation | #Photography #Art


This week, contributor Rachel McGill will be writing a series about art and politics. Conversations With is a series review on PEN America’s State of Emergency commissioned art project that seeks voices from artists whose art has been a reflection of the current political climate.

To accompany Rachel’s reviews, I decided to create some art using the ‘ol Photoshop this time. As I mentioned before in this previous post, I’m recently acquainted with Adobe’s applications and have taken upon myself to practice using them (to get better acquainted, of course).

This photo was selected for it’s mirror like quality. Originally, there was a set of shoes at the top reflecting the person’s shadow on what appeared to be water. I changed the background of the water from aqua to a grey and removed the person’s shoes as they were detracting from the overall balance and tone of the composition. I then used the clone stamp tool to fill in the hole left behind from the removed shoes and added “shadow-like” shoes within the blank space.

The This Moment logo is one used for This Moment: A Self-Narrative Project. If you want to learn more about participating in it, click here!

This piece is for Rachel’s review on Identity. Click here to read her post!

This Moment 'Identity' | Conversations With ‘Identity’: On Pen America’s ‘State Of Emergency’ Series | This Moment | Christina Lydia | BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion



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