‘All Night In The New Country’ Accompanying Bookwork Inspiration | #Poetry #Art


Ever since I first read All Night In The New Country by Miriam Bird Greenberg, I have been itching to create some sort of accompanying illustration that would successfully represent what I see in my mind. although I haven’t achieved that result with this illustration, I know that as long as I start somewhere, I can work on honing my creativity and artistic skills.

All Night In The New Country is the post-apocalyptic poetry book that I didn’t know existed until a few years ago. I rediscovered it recently and I remembered how much I enjoyed it. Before that, it served as an inspiration when writing my short story, “Belly-Full and Tender Loins” — specifically the poem “I Passed Three Girls Killing A Goat” (thank you, Miriam Bird Greenberg, for creating such a vivid world that gave rise to my imaginings and that opened the possibility for my to create my own story).

For this review, I decided to pay homage to the poem that gave rise to my imagination by paying around with Illustrator to create a post-apocalyptic feeding scene (minus the actual eating part). This time, I played with the pencil tool and drew the tree, the mountain background, the stars, the shotgun, and the blood stain on the ground. I also used the pen tool (one of my favorite tools) to draw out the legs of a goat. Finally, I texturized the ground so that it appeared like sand.

So far, it’s okay; but more practice is needed! In the meantime…on to the next review!

Christina Lydia | Book Review: ‘All Night In The New Country’ By Miriam Bird Greenberg | #Poetry #WomenWriters



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