‘Vulnerability’ By Luxi Xu Accompanying Bookwork Inspiration | #Poetry #Art


In all honesty, reviewing Vulnerability by Luxi Xu was a challenge in itself. I had to be honest about her writing and about what I felt when reading her book. Nevertheless, I aimed to create an illustration that reflected what I interpreted from her work. This piece was inspired from one of Xu’s poems “Meaning Of Life”.

Vulnerability was written by a (then) 16 year old young person. Unfortunately, instead of being a book that celebrates the genius of a young writer, it was a book that only solidified the stereotypes of youth and so-called teenaged wisdom. I was saddened, disturbed, and disappointed — perhaps it was because the book’s accompanying press release advertised this book as the writings of a unique teenager, one who was wise beyond her years.

You can read my full thoughts about it here. In the meantime, below is my interpretation! I decided to create something geometrical; I also played around with different brushes.

Christina Lydia | Book Review: ‘Vulnerability’ By Luxi Xu | #Poetry #WomenWriters | BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion



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