‘Love Sonnets & Elegies’ Accompanying Bookwork Inspiration | #Poetry #Art


For this review, I decided to create an abstract appeal that was inspired by “Sonnet 14” from nyrb’s translated edition of Louise Labé’s Love Sonnets & Elegies.

The book was written in 1555 France, during the height of the renaissance. The translation by Richard Siebruth greatly captures her message — one that I’ll say has a contemporary feel.

I decided to play around again with brushes and with grey tones. I also wanted to create something eerie and abstract. I can’t emphasize enough the connection of Labé’s writing to that of contemporary writers. I believe this is what makes her work powerful: an uncanny ability to write about timeless moments.

So; on to the next review!

Christina Lydia | Book Review: Love Sonnets & Elegies By Louise Labé, Translated By Richard Sieburth | #Poetry #WomenWriters | BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion



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