‘In Thailand It Is Night’ Accompanying Bookwork Inspiration | #Poetry #Art


Oh how I love Illustrator. For my latest book review, I created an accompanying artpiece inspired by the title poem “In Thailand It Is Night” from the book In Thailand It Is Night by Ira Sukrungruang.

Despite loving Illustrator, I am recently acquainted with its wonders. It’s been a while since I have allowed my creativity to emerge without pre-judging what I do and without allowing that voice in my head to say that my work is pitiful. I also may not consider myself an artist of any grand gesture; however, I do believe that all creators should embrace amateurism (I made that word up) because it’s important to continuously hone any craft — whether that be visual or written or oral — by continuously learning as much as you can from others and from yourself (and from what is termed “mistakes” — more like “learning opportunities” if you want to get cheesy about it!).

For this piece, I played around with brush strokes and types. Nothing too extravagant. I’ve always been drawn to artwork that is simple and abstract. I’m pleased with how it came out. After reading the poem “In Thailand It Is Night”, I decided to start creating art that accompanied the books that I’ve reviewed. I aim to continue doing that!

Christina Lydia | Book Review: 'In Thailand It Is Night' By Ira Sukrungruang | #Poetry #Art | BL | Black Lion Journal | Black Lion



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