The Art of Melissa Purdon | Gladiator Film | Christina Lydia

“Tell me, what have you been doing, busy little bee?”

If you don’t know already, I’ve been in a mini-hiatus since the beginning of the year (well, since last year, but I won’t get into it now!), mostly spending my time working on my other WordPress, The Black Lion Journal. You can often find me here on Twitter and Facebook.

I’m so excited to say that I’ve been a busy bee learning new skills that I hope to start sharing here and on TBL Journal.

These skills are all about extending communication beyond just the written form; they’re about understanding that communication encompasses visual and creative elements as well as written and oral components.

I’m actively learning to be creative again; it’s a process that I’m looking forward to — and it’s a process that I’ll be documenting on Medium.

Finally; I really miss blogging!

Featured image by The Art of Melissa Purdon, inspired by one of my favorite films, Gladiator!



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